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Black Banner Magic

Aug 3, 2020

It was my intention to speak to many magically operant people around the U.S. working in multiple traditions and cosmologies but the final result was limited because intensive continued trauma condenses time.

Meredith Graves returns to talk about the psychic control copaganda poses and the material conditions of the ethereal.

Frater Pera is the second guest to discuss the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the penchant of cops to invoke the archangel Michael.

I end the episode with a reading from an anonymous 2018 zine titled Rituals Against the Prisons

Nebraska mutual aid

Nebraska Left Coalition bail fund extends the whole state. They monitor incoming arrest. facebook/ insta / neleftcoalition @ gmail
Feed the People - Omaha provides food and clothing to people in need no questions asked with Midtown Mutual Aid
 Lincoln, the Everett Free Grocery program also provides food to the community @EruptNebraska
The @malcolmxfound preserves the ideas, actions and Omaha birthplace of Malcolm X.
The @BLACKandPINKorg supports so many incarcerated folks and sends a monthly zine tailored to their needs and news.
Lincoln Black Lives Matter on Cashapp and Venmo: HELPBLM