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Black Banner Magic

Nov 25, 2018

Winter is coming! We are talking sigil magic this time with the wonderful anarchawitch herself, Winter, a 20 year old nonbinary trans girl on the US west coast, she is a hacker and an eclectic Wiccan Taoist witch here to talk with us about sigil magic.

Chaos magic is but one form of sigil work Winter lays down, and this...

Nov 19, 2018

The three-headed episode on Satanism!

In the first section I give a brief overview of the major satanic groups of the late 20th and early 21st century. Then we have an audio reading of the 3rd installment of essays by Trident Antifa on the alt-right connections to the leadership of The Satanic Temple. In the last half,...

Nov 7, 2018

Jake Flores sent a reportback from the hex on Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh at Catland Books, an occult bookstore in his Bushwich Brooklyn neighborhood.

To see Jake Flores on his stand-up tours, visit his website:

Follow him on Twitter @FeralJokes, @MrCleoPod, & @PodDamnAmerica

At the...